Your Higher Self!

Do you ever wonder who or what your meant to be in life? if your being your best and highest self? has your life's purpose always left you wondering what you really are and where your meant to be? In this blog I dive deep into understanding your higher self and how to get there.

We spend life searching for our purpose when our purpose is right in front of you, your purpose is to life live, experience being human, making mistakes and learning from them, loving any and all differences in life because you know they teach you, embracing pain as you know it mean evolving, embracing healing knowing its love, understanding that love is the root of all light and that light silences darkness. Understanding that life is an undeniable game of love and fear, that your decisions and actions are acting out of one or the other. Allowing life to flow through you and to you as you move like water flowing and transforming to your environment and the energy around you, we are meant to be the Alchemist.


Now we have finally reached the end game, where all of us want to be in life! Our higher self, this is the piece of you that has all the answers, that is deeply intertwined with the Universe, the piece of you that is the Universe. This is the Spirit, this is your major arcana if you will, the Luke Skywalker to your Darth Vader, this is the ultimate goal and balance for you to achieve.

Your highest self is the genuine piece of you that understands love, independence, reciprocity, compassion and kindness on all levels. Your highest self is the most understanding and open part of you, it understands humanity and that humanity in itself is damaged and that we have healing to be done. In understanding that humanity needs constant healing, your higher self acts in compassion and love all the time knowing in every moment someone may be dealing with something or is in need of love and provides for those that accept it.

Your higher self understands that everyone will show up as who they're meant to be in that present moment, it understands that nothing in this life is personal, how people treat you is a reflection of how they feel about themselves and it has nothing to do with you.

When that person cuts you off you send them love and healing knowing you did your best, you learn that not everything deserves your attention, energy or response, certain things happens to see if you really say you want what you do. Everything in life is an opportunity to grow and evolve into your highest and best self, its choice to act as that spiritual being, it's not in autopilot, you have to train your brain to act in your highest self, just like any other muscle. You wanna make that lay up? Get that ball and start practicing, no one else can do it for you, it's on you.

As we begin to tap into our highest self we realize a lot about this reality, you recognize your genuine power, you realize your worth and your divinity. When it really clicks that you are one with the Universe and you are one with every single thing in this reality because we are all energy you will realize that we are everyone and everything and that we're meant for so much more. We are magicians placed in this world that meant to snuff out that magic, this world is our challenge, our war to conquer and if you need to take a second in this war to see the damage done so be it, healing, your life path your journey may not have been easy but it is beautiful because it made you who you are.

The war you fought, those people you lost, were all apart of your healing, your evolvement, your level up. This is your true glow up, when you see this power within yourself and refuse to let anyone take it from you or snuff it out, that is power. Being your authentic self and saying “I don't care what people think” its strength, thats growth, that is your higher self.


You are the only in control of your life and reality, when you can say I'm going to live how I want to live and don't let anyone interfere with that you will see your life shine. It's all about when you decide to say enough is enough and you take control of what you can control, which is yourself, when you take accountability for your actions. The ego places blame on others for the things that have happened in life and that will cause a divide, a block between you and your higher self, you have to constantly remind yourself that absolutely everything in life is a choice, that person treated you like shit, well why did you let them? Stand up for yourself, reach out if you need help.

Its a sacrifice for the greater good that needs to be done, us as a society,as humans, we have destroyed our plant because of the rotten core we have, the negative influences and the negative motives behind pretty much everything in life, it causes and creates misery in more than 80% of our population which is why our world is falling apart, sadly most of us feel so much hatred, angry, resentment, shame, guilt and regret that it manifests in our plants, our water, our food. We don't realize our impact on the world and on each other.

Happiness is contagious, smile at everyone give them a reason to be happy for a moment, share that love within you without feeling ashamed for expressing it. Being a being of love and light is beautiful, you open yourself to see the beauty in every single moment and you creat honesty and a safe space within yourself for yourself and others.

Blessed be.

Written, edited and published by Jennaye Rose.

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