Understanding Yourself.

A lot of people wonder how in this world can we live without care, without attachment to all these things in our physical reality. The secret is extremely simple, it's the understanding that everything and anything is fake and temporary.

Every experience that you have is based on your current experience in life and your thoughts. Your thoughts, the ones you acknowledge and interact with, the ones you respond to are the ones that create your reality. To understand all of this we have to go aways back into the understanding of life and how things work in this world

To understand this we have to understand that everything is energy, energy is constant, it cannot be created or destroyed only transformed. The energy you embody is what you will attract, if you're in the frequency of fear that's what you’ll attract, if you're in the frequency of abundance, that’s what you'll receive. Now to understand embodying energy you have to understand that the energy you in stems from your thoughts, a lot of people think that them and their thoughts are the same person but we’re not. The best way to think of it is you have the Spirit and the Vessel. As Spiritual beings experiencing the human experience we have three main pieces of ourselves, our higher self (the Universe), our ego (the human), and our shadow selves (all negative emotions and trauma).


Your Shadow Self

Now let's dive into the first one and probably the deepest one that everyone has to work through first, your Shadow self. Now your shadow self is the piece of you that is a little dark, the side of you that comes out when you get angry or upset, this is the side you tend to hide from others, hence the name. Those really intense negative feelings that you can feel when your past is triggered, that is your shadow self. Your shadow self only responds to triggers from your childhood or past traumas you’ve experienced. Your shadow self is a big piece of you when your not healed from all your trauma, the ego and shadow self will constantly feed each other creating a form of chaos in your life and it will deteriorate any form of positivity you have because the shadow self believes all happiness is temporary so it wont allow itself to flow into those emotions and feel them when they come. The shadow self will allow negative to consume you and your life creating misery within you and those around you.

If you're kind of familiar with Spirituality then you'll be familiar with the term Shadow Work. Shadow work refers to discovering these shadow traits, forgiving ourselves for them, healing from past trauma that may have caused them, accepting and processing them in order to grow. Shadow work is a form of therapy that is done on your own or with those you really trust to hear and share your traumas. Another way to work through your shadow self is actual therapy but i know that's not affordable and not an option for everyone, therapy does works but not always you have to feel a connection and certain trust which can be hard to find but it's okay! There are hundreds of alternatives! You can use CBT independently through work books or apps. You can find shadow work journals or prompts that will help you uncover these secrets within yourself. Fair warning, this can be extremely intense as you are digging up your past so make sure you're in the proper headspace to analyze and investigate yourself. If you want to try some shadow work prompts or see what they’re like click below!

Shadow Work Prompts!
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Let's Understand the Ego

Now let's talk about the Ego, we all have one and it acts as our go between when it comes to our shadow self and higher self, it's their liaison until you’ve fully healed them both. The healing of the ego can be more intense and it does take longer, healing the ego isn't something that happens overnight, it happens when you decide that you're done standing in your own way when it comes to what you want in life. When you stand up for yourself and say that enough is enough, I want the life I deserve, the Universe will come and help you and guide you. What a lot of us tend to do is live in our egos because it's comfortable and it runs on autopilot, the ego likes to know what's happening as the ego doesn't like surprises and the unknown. When we create routines and when we know what to expect from life, it becomes a genuine routine, we are no longer living in the present because you're following a strict time line instead of letting this flow . Now don’t get me wrong there's no problem with structure but you don't want to live your entire life following time slots you made for yourself.

This is where you learn to train your ego, by training your ego you are training your thoughts.

Your thoughts and your ego are intertwined, your ego feeds the amplification and repetition of thoughts that you might have based on one intrusive thought. Intrusive thoughts are the one little worm of negativity that comes in and makes itself the center of attention taking away from your presence, energy, and higher self. When you interact with these thoughts and allow them to consume you it becomes your reality and those are the thoughts you live with. Now when it comes to the thoughts you have, that's your brain, your vessel, hence why I decided to break it down into two categories. Your vessel is all the human piece of you, your ego, your shadow self, your thoughts, your emotions and feelings, that is all the human experience. That is our purpose, to learn, understand and love these aspects of ourselves by acknowledging that we experience these things but they do not define us.

We spend life searching for our purpose when our purpose is right in front of you, your purpose is to life live, experience being human, making mistakes and learning from them, loving any and all differences in life because you know they teach you, embracing pain as you know it mean evolving, embracing healing knowing its love, understanding that love is the root of all light and that light silences darkness. Understanding that life is an undeniable game of love and fear, that your decisions and actions are acting out of one or the other. Allowing life to flow through you and to you as you move like water flowing and transforming to your environment and the energy around you, we are meant to be the Alchemist.

In the next blog we will take a real dive into your higher self. I don't want to make this too long for you guys to read, I know this is a lot to absorb as it is.

Blessed be.

Written, edited and published by Jennaye Rose

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