What is Love?

Have you wondered what genuine love is, how you can experience it, where you can find it? This blog will help you get a deeper and better understanding of unconditional love.

In this blog we are going to take a deep dive to understand Love and what it really means.

Ah, love. This crazy wonderful feeling that we all crave in life, that we find and deem necessary. We construct these ideas and patterns around love without really knowing what love really is. Love is an energy that can be consistently embodied by you, love is a choice. Love and fear are the two choices in life and based on which decision you make you will live in that reality.

Love is something that begins and ends with you and how you feel about yourself and your life. Choosing to love is a beautiful thing, acting out of love is a beautiful thing but it is rare and hardly ever appreciated, only to be taken advantage of by those desperate for it themselves that they will drain others to get that love knowing they won't find it elsewhere.

How to embody Love?

Let us start at the beginning, in order to understand love you have to understand energy. Energy is a constant flow of atoms in our atmosphere, they can be huge or small and depending on how high or low they are vibrating they can be solid, liquid or gas. To understand energy you must understand that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. If you understand that then you understand that energy is constant, it's always around us, you must meet the energy in its frequency which means tapping into at any point in time by calling on that energy to surround you and allowing you consciousness to meet it there.

Love is an energy you accept and share with others, in order to attract love into your life it must start with you. You are a mirror for your life, whatever you feel inside will reflect on the outside of you in your physical reality.

The words you speak will create the reality you're in, your words are spells, hence why it's called spelling, your actions will create your reality, what you spend time thinking and acting on will reflect more in your physical reality.


Why is Self Love so important?

Now that we understand energy, an understanding of your impact on your own love, let's talk about self love. Self-love is how you genuinely attract love and positivity into your life, spending time alone, reading, doing skin-care, whatever you genuinely love doing for yourself.

That is how to express self love, allowing yourself the time to heal, to feel your emotions, to express yourself freely, to be open and vulnerable with yourself. That is self care. Blocking that toxic person, deleting that text, getting rid of that photo or cleaning out your closet. Ignoring that phone call, saying no, taking a nap, prioritizing your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well being.

That is self care, if you cannot do this for yourself you cannot provide for others. You can't fill a cup if the jug is empty, take time to make sure you're full and where you need to be before you decide you can provide for others.

Get Rid of the Terms and Conditions

I want to take time to really break down the understanding of what love is based on what we are shown in life. Everyone's version of love is different but there is one that is the same that everyone can choose to act in, unconditional love. Unconditional love is love that is shown and provided without the need of presence, reciprocity or understanding. Unconditional love is love without the privacy policy, it's a deeper version of love that you have simply because the person exists in this present moment.

Unconditional love is there with or without presence, you can love someone and not speak to them or see them, it's present without their presence and that's the most pure form. A way to explain this better would be to imagine that you have a partner who hurts you but you love them so much because of who they are when they don't hurt you, eventually enough is enough and you have to walk away, when you do that you make a choice to leave the love you had for them because they hurt you, that doesn't have to be the case, you can love the experience you had with them good bad or indifferent, you can honor and enjoy the memories, you just cannot live in that moment in the past, you must move forward and that is a choice to make for yourself.

A lot of people will convince themselves to stay but what they don't realize is that only hurt people hurt people and hurt people can't love because they’re hurt, when you're hurt you cannot spread love, if you cannot spread love you are not embodying or feeling loved by yourself.

Choose Love

Choosing to act out of love means you understand that hurt people hurt people and that they need healing for themselves based on their life experiences. By acting out of love you understand that not everyone knows how to love and accept that you may not receive love in return. By acting out of love you understand that you're just being a good person and not everyone can do that. It's a hard pill to swallow when you realize that not everyone can love you the way you love them or at all, these things in life teach you that pain is a part of healing and healing is an expression of love.

Choosing to act out of love is a beautiful commitment and it can be difficult but it is something where when you learn to do just that, it blossoms in every friendship and relationship you have. Your life will turn around in such a positive way because you're feeding yourself and your life the sweetness of love.

As we move in life we tend to forget that not everyone is built to love like us but everyone loves in their own way, you as the receiver must tell them and teach them how to love you because not everyone receives or gives love the same, help them understand your flaws and triggers, help them understand what makes you feel validated, heard, appreciated that is when you will find love with another.

Love with someone else is built, its a slow process of getting to know that person and learning to love them the way they need and deserve to be loved, not how you believe they should be loved. Love is an action, its an emotion, an energy, love is everything in life if you choose for it to be, Love is a choice.

Written, edited and published by Jennaye Rose

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