Streaming into Consciousness

Have you ever moved in life and wondered how everything worked? How we all moved so seamlessly but so disconnected from one another. We all live on one planet and our consciousness is not connected. We have these huge antennas in our brains yet we refuse to connect with one another.

Each and every one of us is connected through the Universe, we are all one with the Universe, we are literally stars, spiritual beings experiencing the human experience. the Universe is energy therefore, our energy is shared between each one of us, we are the reason energy is constantly flowing, the animals, the sea, everything around us, we are all connected because we are all energy.

Think about it, we all vote right? Votes literally tell us that we all are linked, whatever the majority of the population believes happens, why does that stop for us in politics? Look at our world! We're constantly being told that climate change is happening and that we need to stop it, everyone knows but no one is changing their belief to “We can fix this”. Well not enough of us anyway. We as a species, the only species unable to control their thoughts, allow these negative narratives to manifest into our reality by feeding them with fear. Whenever we feed our thoughts, words or actions with fear or love, that’s what manifests in our reality.

A lot of us in life tend to catastrophize life and the things that happen on a daily basis by living in the past and comparing it to similar situations and using the past to determine how we act or even worse, society, we are allowing the old version of us, the ego, to come out. We always hope for the best and prepare for the worst but after a while your subconscious will believe that the worst will happen or your ego will convince you. We all need to be more conscious of our thoughts, actions and words. We forget the impact they have on others and yourself.


The smallest things in life are really how we fix all the big issues. We all think these problems are huge and unsolvable but they’re not, it starts with you. Start taking care of yourself, take care of your energy and your space, that's how we will fix the world's problems. Right now, no one really cares about the world, but not alot of people care for themselves, so how can we have a healthy planet if we aren’t healthy. The food we’re eating, the negativity on social media and tv, the judgment and conversations we have with ourselves or other people. If we can fix ourselves and how we live, live cleaner, healthier, stronger, we can survive as a world, until then we are alone.

Being able to overstand the connection we have to the Universe is our power, it's our power to higher knowing and knowledge that can constantly flow to us. It's a stream to the fullest consciousness we've ever seen and it's just within us, waiting for us to wake up and ask it to join us in our journey in life. We refuse to genuinely accept this connection and we place it outside of us by using religion, and it actually holds us hostage to the reality that your in, you'll walk aimlessly following the words of these bibles without realizing that these bibles are stories written to help convey an understanding and compassion for God without recognizing the damage that would be done by spreading the word of love in fear creating obedience. In the bible, you have to follow the rules or you go to hell, if God loved us unconditionally why would we be punished for sinning and not forgiven as we are human? Right, as a child and even to this day those stories and antics do not sit well with me, they're trying to sell control and obedience but last I checked I'm my own person and if I make a mistake it will be used as a lesson for me to grow and the Universe will love and guide me through it, not shame me for being human and learning.

We as humans need to be more conscious of being, we are called human beings, there's no other species that we call beings because they all react, constantly. We are the only species that can just be, just exist in this moment in time and absorb the energy, the love, the happiness, that's all around you and it'll help you genuinely understand who you are, a lot of us measure our days by productivity and it's not fair to ourselves, by waking up and taking care of yourself, that productivity. We create our own definitions of productivity in our lives but we tend to follow the definition of society, it forces us to constantly have standard instead of listening to what your body wants and needs. We must learn to measure our days not by the amount of productivity but the amount of presences, in how many moments were you really focused on that moment and thing else? That is presence, no thoughts distracting or disrupting from whats going on in that exact moment, that is where your power is, right there when your focused on that moment.

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