New Moon in Pisces!

This New Moon in Pisces is going to kickstart a lot of creativity and progress for us this month. We are entering a new cycle, we just closed out the Aquarius New Moon.

This New Moon is a good time to commit to personal goals and personal growth! The personal goals you'll find have the most success are those that express positive energy. These include taking leaps of faith, accepting imperfections in ourselves and others as their own form of perfection, this is a good time to start a project that requires imagination, visualization and creativity. Consciously set aside time to rest and rejuvenate your energy and create peace for yourself. This is the time to share your dreams with your support system and see how you can get there.

With this potent Pisces energy we have the power, courage and chance to make some extremely powerful and important changes in our lives. This New Moon has a very warm, generous and optimistic energy with its alignment with Jupiter, the Moon's sexile to Uranus is extremely progressive, open and change-positive.

The major planets are all direct, adding this feeling of forward momentum. Venus, Mars and Pluto are closely conjunction for this Moon adding a dynamic and creative element to these new beginnings, projects and relationships! During this time relationships can be at the heart of our new beginnings fueling our motivation and determination to start fresh! Mercury and Saturn are closely aligned allowing a serious theme to present itself.

This moon will heavily impact people born with personal planet and points at around 8-16 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). If you would like to find out all your signs, wha houses they're in and how they relate to you, your personality and life values click the button below and find out!

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