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A Little About Me

Welcome to The Generous Tarot, my name is Jennaye, I am the owner and operator of this amazing business. I am an intuitive, psychic, medium Tarot Reader, Teacher and Energetic Healer with active Clair senses ! I am a truth seeker in life, I believe in the divine and that all of us are one with the Universe.

In my practice I focus mainly on healing different pieces of you to help you achieve your highest self and the success and abundance that you deserve.

As your Tarot Reader I also take on the approach of a guide where you can contact me at anytime for advice on how to handle certain situations, to walk you through exercises when necessary.

After our session you will receive an email with a recap of everything we went through in our session, healing that needs to be done, coping skills shared, shadow work that needs to be done and reminders/affirmations for you to help along your journey. 

Sending you love and healing on your journey

Your guide.

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